Oh So Belle

Has this post not been done 1000 times before? With the Isabella craze off the charts, alternative Bel(le) names seem overdone. But, perhaps there is still room for a couple more suggestions?

Sable – I found this name in a baby name book under Alternatives to Isabella (surprise, surprise) a couple years ago, and it’s stuck with me since. While it does sound like “stable” and “able” (and why not through in “table”), I still think it is a lovely name and a wonderful Isabella alternative.  Sable is from the English word meaning “black” and shares her name with the black-furred mammal. The name is originally thought to be Slavic. While you could still stretch it and use the nickname Bel(le), it is less likely to come naturally from Sable than a Bel ending name.

Mirabel – This Latin name meaning “wonderful” was very commonly seen in the later Middle Ages. Mirabelle is the name of a French plum, and Mirabella is the Italian version. While Isabel and Annabel are very pretty alternatives, Mirabel is perhaps the lesser known of the Bel names. She doesn’t even make top 1000 in America. Then of course there is the slight variation: Maribel, however I’ve been told that Mirabel is more recognizable therefore Maribel would most likely be seen as Mirabel.

Dulcibella – I found this one at Nancy’s Baby Names and decided I had to mention it! It was seen mostly in the Middle Ages, but spelled then as Dowsabel. Dulcibella is from the latin dulcis (sweet) and bella (pretty). Nancy also mentioned that in The World Book Dictionary, dowsabel/dousabel is defined as “a common name for a rustic sweetheart in old pastoral poems.”!

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